This post includes two tables. The final election results and the Double Envelopes (Absentee Voting).

There are still 14 ballot boxes that have various issues with them but the combined total is not enough to change the seat allocation. Therefore these are the final results but not the official results. The official results must be certified by September 25th so the vote total could change slightly before the results are certified.

President Rivlin received permission from Central Elections Committee Chairman Justice Meltzer to start the Phase 2 consultations before the Phase 1 results are certified. The Phase 2 consultations will be conducted Sunday and Monday. The President is expected to grant the mandate to form the next government on Monday.

Assuming neither candidate receives 61 nominations the President will still need to choose a candidate to form a government. It will be at his discretion in the event neither candidate reaches 61 nominations, but he must choose one of them. If the first candidate fails so the mandate will be returned to the President. The President can either conduct another round of consultations or grant the mandate to the alternative candidate from the first consultations. If the second candidate the President chooses fails to form a government so the mandate will be transferred from the President to the Knesset. The Knesset may put forth a third candidate to the President for his approval by submitting 61 MKs signatures. In the event the third candidate fails to form a government a snap-election will automatically be triggered and take place 84-90 days later on a Tuesday.

Table 1: Final Results

Eligible VotersTotal VotersTurnoutKosher VotesDisqualified Votes
Blue & WhiteGantz3325.93% 1,148,700
LikudNetanyahu3125.09% 1,111,535
Joint ListOdeh1310.62% 470,611
ShasDeri97.44% 329,834
Yisrael BeitenuLieberman86.99% 309,688
UTJLitzmna86.06% 268,688
YaminaShaked75.88% 260,339
LaborPeretz64.80% 212,529
Democratic UnionHorowitz54.34% 192,261
Under the 3.25% Electoral Threshold    
OtzmaBen Gvir01.88% 83,266
TzometGreen00.33% 14,817
 Other Parties Various 0 Each under 0.15% Each

Table 2: Absentee Votes/Double Envelopes

Total VotersKosher VotesDisqualified Votes
Blue & White30.18% 83,670
Likud27.81% 77,096
Yamina8.85% 24,543
Shas6.29% 17,434
Yisrael Beitenu5.01% 13,879
Democratic Union4.95% 13,711
Labor4.72% 13,074
Joint List4.28% 11,858
UTJ4.17% 11,559
Otzma2.35% 6,520
Other PartiesEach under 0.4%Each under 1,100