Five lists arrived at the President’s Residence today for “Day 1”. Six lists arrived today for “Day 2”.

Yesterday, on Day 1, Netanyahu was nominated by Likud (31) & Shas (9). Gantz was nominated by Blue & White (33) and The Joint List (13). Yisrael Beitenu (8) chose not to nominate anyone. After Yisrael Beitenu’s decision not to nominate the Balad Party (3) that is part of The Joint List chose to inform the President that they wish to withdraw their nomination. Rivlin accepted their request.

At the end of Day 1, Gantz had 43 nominations to Netanyahu’s 40 nominations with 11 MKs choosing not to nominate anyone.

Today, on Day 2, Netanyahu was nominated by UTJ (8) & Yamina (7). Gantz was nominated by Labor-Gesher (6) & Democratic Union (5).

At the end of Day 2, Netanyahu has 55 nominations to Gantz’s 54 nominations with 11 MKs choosing not to nominate anyone.

For the first time since Israel abolished the direct PM system there is no candidate with 61 nominations. The President will have to choose who will receive the first mandate to form a new government between the two Prime Ministerial candidates.

President Rivlin has invited both Netanyahu & Gantz to a meeting tonight. Both accepted.