PlacePartyLeaderKnessetJeremyAvearge6-Poll-AVGApril Results
2ndBlue & WhiteGantz3433.535
3rdYisrael BeitenuLiberman885
4thUnited Torah JudaismLitzman87.58
7thUnited Right ListPeretz55.25
9thHaYamin HeHadashBennett54.70
Right-Religious Bloc6967.865
Center-Left-Arab Bloc5152.255

Note #1: The electoral voting threshold is equivalent to 3.25 percent of total votes, equivalent to approximately four parliamentary seats. Parties currently polling below the threshold, including parties listed as “other” are weighted down to zero in the polling average to allow this polling model to maintain a simplified 120-seat framework.

Note #2: This average is based on the last 6 polls that were released from May 27 to June 3 (2 Panels, 2 Direct Polls, 1 Maagar Mochot, 1 Panel Project HaMidgam, 0 Smith, 0 Teleseker & 0 Midgam).

Note #3: The right-religious bloc is polling at a high of 72 and a low of 66. The center-left-Arab bloc is polling at a high of 54 and a low of 48.

Note #4: Kulanu has merged into the Likud. Labor did not pass in one poll poll. HaYamin HeHadash, Zehut & Gesher were not polled in one of the polls.