Knesset Jeremy’s Weekly Polling Average – The Israeli Poll of Polls (Updated September 3rd)

PlacePartyLeaderSeatsAVGApril ResultsDifference
2ndBlue & WhiteGantz303035-5
3rdThe Joint ListOdeh1110.8100.8
5thYisrael BeitenuLiberman109.954.9
6thDemocratic UnionHorwitz77.343.3
7thUnited Torah JudaismLitzman77.38-0.7
10thOtherBen Gvir/Etc.0000
Have ruled out nominating Gantz for PM5656.160-3.9
Have ruled out nominating Netanyahu for PM545455-1
Pushing Unity Government109.954.9

Note #1: This average is based on the last 24 polls that were conducted from July 30th until September 3 (last month): 8 Midgam, 5 Smith, 3 Maagar Mochot, 3 Teleseker, 3 Dialog/Panel Project HaMidgam, 2 Direct Polls & 0 Panels.

Note #2: 32 parties registered to participate in the September 17th Election. The Zehut list has agreed to resign but has yet to do so officially.

Note #3: Voter exchange/surplus agreements have been signed between A) Labor & Democratic Union, B) Blue and White & Yisrael Beitenu, C) Likud & Yamina. Shas & UTJ are expected to sign before the deadline on September 6th. The Joint List announced they will not sign with any other list.