Knesset Jeremy’s Weekly Polling Average – The Israeli Poll of Polls

PlacePartyLeaderAVGApril ResultsDifference
2ndBlue & WhiteGantz2935-6
3rdUnited RightShaked11.456.4
4thThe Joint ListOdeh11.2101.2
5thYisrael BeitenuLiberman10.255.2
6thDemocratic UnionHorwitz844
7thUnited Torah JudaismLitzman7.48-0.6
10thOther23 Others000
xHave ruled out nominating Gantz for PMx5660-4
xHave ruled out nominating Netanyahu for PMx53.855-1.2
xPushing Unity Governmentx10.255.2

Note #1: This average is based on the last 5 polls that were conducted after all of the joint tickets were publicized. (2 Midgam, 1 Maagar Mochot, 1 Dialog/Panel Project HaMidgam, 1 Smith, 0 Teleseker, Direct Polls, Panels, Kantar).

Note #2: 32 parties registered to participate in the September 17th Election.