Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on December 3rd 2015

Have the security forces done enough to deal with Jewish terrorism?

47% Not doing enough, 43% Doing enough

Do the security forces have enough legal tools to deal with Jewish terrorism?

56% There is enough tools, 30% Not enough tools

Are the security forces not doing enough because of politician pressure?

48% Not an issue, 41% An issue

Do you think MK Yinon Magal should have resigned because of the allegations against him?

54% Should resign, 34% Shouldn’t resign

Are you pleased with how Minister Naftali Bennett handled the Yinon Magal Story?

40% Pleased, 36% Not pleased

Do you think Minister Avi Gabai should have testified in the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee?

59% Yes, 15% No

Do you understand the Gas Deal?

63% Don’t understand, 35% Understand

Are you for the Gas Deal?

41% No, 26% Yes

Should the electoral system in Israel be changed?

56% Yes, 30% No

Should Israeli citizens who are living overseas be allowed to vote in Knesset elections?

54% No, 39% Yes

What is your position on the campaign financing law for the primaries?

56% Bad system that should be changed, 14% Good system that should be kept

What is the correct way to choose a Knesset list?

55% Primaries, 25% Chairperson or Central Committee