The first public poll of seats since before the Knesset Election in March 2015 was conducted by Maagar Mochot, a poll of 516 people during the 29th and 30th of November 2015 for 103 FM Radio

31 [30] Likud

20 [24] Zionist Union

15 [11] Yesh Atid

13 [13] The Joint (Arab) List

09 [08] Bayit Yehudi

08 [07] Shas

08 [06] Yisrael Beitenu

06 [06] Yahadut Hatorah/UTJ

05 [10] Kulanu

05 [05] Meretz

67 [67] Right-Religious

53 [53] Center-Left-Arab


Note: Maagar Mochot tied for last among the top-nine polling companies in predicting the 2015 Knesset results, producing a result that was off by 23 seats. However, Maagar Mochot was tied in first place in predicting the blocs with only one seat off, predicting an extra seat for the Center-Left-Arab bloc.

Knesset Jeremy Analysis: There are two movements that can be seen in this poll and it is part of an overall trend. Four seats in the Center-Left Bloc move from Opposition Leader Herzog’s Zionist Union to Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid. Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon loses five seats, two to Yisrael Beitenu and one each to Shas, Likud and Bayit Yehudi. The trend here is a slight movement of the Israeli electorate to the right since March.