PlacePartyLeaderKnessetJeremy Average (20 Polls)Current Seats
1stBlue & WhiteGantz34.533
2ndLikud Netanyahu32.832
3rdJoint List Odeh12.813
4thYisrael BeitenuLieberman88
5thShas Deri7.959
7thHaYamin HeHadashBennett5.953
8thLaborA. Peretz4.956
9thDemocratic UnionHorowitz4.555
10thUnited Right ListR. Peretz1.24
11thOtzmaBen Gvir00
xBloc KnessetJeremy Average (20 Polls) Current Seats x

Note #1: The KnessetJeremy Average is based on the 20 polls that were released by Midgam (6), Maagar Mochot (6), Panel Project HaMdigam (4), Kantar (2), Smith (1), & Panels (1). The first poll was Oct 7 and the last poll was Dec 10. 3 polls were conducted in October, 12 polls were conducted in November & 5 polls were conducted in December.

Note #2: Otzma did not pass the electoral threshold in any of the polls. United Right List (Bayit Yehudi+Tekuma/National Union) did not pass the electoral threshold in nine polls and their results were calculated as zero seats to allow me to maintain an 120-seat framework for the blocs. In five polls that polled the Yamina alliance together. That means the party-by-party results are different than the bloc results as a result.

Note #3: The first poll conducted after the election was triggered is not included in the above average but can be found at this link: