Maagar Mochot conducted a poll of 517 people with a 4.3% margin of error for 103 FM radio that was broadcast on Feb 8 2019. The poll was conducted on Feb 7 2019.

In a post-Netanyahu world who should lead the Likud?

31% Don’t know, 25% Edelstein, 20% Saar, 16% Y. Katz, 4% Erdan, 4% Regev

Among Likud voters: 30% Saar, 21% Y. Katz, 20% Don’t know, 19% Edelstein, 5% Erdan, 5% Regev

Note: The seat results are identical to the seat distribution Maagar Mochot produced for Yisrael HaYom on the same day. I have updated that poll to reflect the numbers without the parties that didn’t cross the threshold.