3 Knesset Polls:

Poll #1: Likud

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on November 20 2017.

How should MKs from the Likud act in connection to the Prime Minister’s investigations?

General Public: 70% Relate in a practical way, 15% Ignore, 9% Don’t know, 6% Attack
Likud Voters: 49% Relate in a practical way, 29% Ignore, 20% Attack, 2% Don’t know

Should MKs Bitan and Amsalam keep their aggressive line towards Netanyahu’s critics or should they stop it and focus on coalition issues?

General Public: 67% Stop, 17% Keep going, 16% Don’t know
Likud Voters: 47% Stop, 44% Keep going, 9% Don’t know

Are the attempts by Likud MKs to propose laws that will limit the police and harm the Commissioner the right course of action?

General Public: 60% No, 21% Don’t know, 19% Yes
Likud Voters: 42% Yes, 31% No, 27% Don’t know

Do you support the new bill to limit the State Comptroller?

General Public: 59% No, 20% Yes, 21% Don’t know
Likud Voters: 50% Yes, 33% No, 17% Don’t know

Do you agree with the argument that the Israeli law enforcement and justice system are conducing a persecution campaign against Likud MKs and Ministers?

General Public: 55% No, 34% Yes, 11% Don’t know
Likud Voters: 75% Yes, 22% No, 3% Don’t know

How would you generally define the relationship between the Israeli media and Prime Minister Netanyahu?

General Public: 52% Hostile, 34% Fair, 8% Don’t know, 6% Supportive
Likud Voters: 86% Hostile, 8% Fair, 6% Supportive, 0% Don’t know

How would you advise the Likud MKs to act towards the press?

General Public: 62% Stop attacking, 25% Keep attacking, 13% Don’t know
Likud Voters: 68% Keep attacking, 32% Stop attacking, 0% Don’t know


Poll #2 Security Issues

Midgam conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on November 16 2017.

Do you think that the concessions that Menachem Begin gave for the peace agreement with Egypt were justified?

65% Yes, 20% Don’t know, 15% No

Will a peace agreement with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinians justify significant concessions in Judea and Samaria?

48% No, 39% Yes, 13% Don’t know

Should Israel exploit the tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran to advance ties with Saudi Arabia?

64% Yes, 20% No, 16% Don’t know

Should Israel use military force to prevent Iran and Hezbollah from establishing a presence next to the Israeli-Syrian border?

65% Yes, 19% No, 16% Don’t know

Utilizing dialogue with Russia and their influence in Syria, can we prevent Iran and Hezbollah from reaching the border?

44% Yes, 34% No, 22% Don’t know

If France utilizes their influence in Lebanon, can they succeed in preventing Iran and Hezbollah from taking over Lebanon?

53% No, 27% Yes, 20% Don’t know

If an American initiative for peace between Israel and the Palestinians reaches advanced stages, will our relationship with the Sunni states be strengthened?

43% Yes, 36% No, 21% Don’t know


Poll #3: Democracy

Midgam conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on November 9 2017.

Do you believe there is a problem of incitement directed towards a part of the public?

68% Yes, 18% No, 14% Don’t know

As long as there are no steps to cancel laws against leftist NGOs, is there any significance to the Prime Minister’s call for national reconciliation?

27% Think so, 24% Think not, 17% Not at all, 16% For sure, 16% Don’t know

Does the attempt to label the political left as not legitimate harm Israeli democracy?

28% For sure, 28% Think so, 22% Not at all, 14% Think not, 11% Don’t know

Are the attempts by the coalition to limit the Supreme Court’s ability to defend the rights of minorities harming Israeli democracy?

29% For sure, 27% Think so, 19% Think not, 16% Don’t know, 9% Not at all

From a democratic perspective is it legitimate to limit the ability to investigate a sitting Prime Minister?

58% No, 29% Yes, 13% Don’t know

Is it legitimate to limit investigations of a sitting Prime Minister when there are no term limits?

67% No, 20% Yes, 13% Don’t know

If the investigations lead to indictments against the Prime Minister and his wife should the Prime Minister resign?

48% Yes in the case of an indictment against him, 29% Yes in the case of an indictment against his wife, 12% No, 11% Don’t know

In you opinion should Netanyahu take responsibility for his wife’s behavior in the Prime Minister’s Residence?

60% Yes, 27% No, 13% Don’t know