Poll #1: Meretz

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on September 11 2017.

How do you evaluate Zahava Galon’s activity as the leader of Meretz?

33% Bad, 27% Average, 27% Good, 13% Don’t know

Is it correct for Meretz to conduct a leadership race at this time?

43% Yes, 29% No, 28% Don’t know

If Meretz moves over to the primary system would that influence you to consider voting Meretz in the next elections?

48% For sure not, 22% Probably not, 15% Don’t know, 9% Probably, 6% For sure

Would you agree to define Meretz as a Zionist and patriotic party?

52% No, 43% Yes, 5% Don’t know

What should Meretz do in the next elections?

43% Run alone, 30% Join another list, 27% Don’t know

Those who said join another listwhich list?

52% Labor, 20% Yesh Atid, 13% Don’t know, 12% Joint List, 3% Kulanu


Poll #2: 5 Knesset Party Leaders

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on September 18 2017.

Are you pleased with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s conduct?

57% No, 39% Yes, 4% Don’t know

Have the publications on Netanyahu and his family on the various investigations against them changed your opinion of him?

64% No, 28% Yes for the worse, 5% Yes for the better, 3% Don’t know

Should Netanyahu recuse himself due to the investigations against him?

48% No, 37% Yes, 15% Don’t know

Do you trust Avigdor Liberman as Defense Minister?

52% No, 40% Yes, 8% Don’t know

Is Avigdor Liberman a suitable candidate for Prime Minister?

80% No, 14% Yes, 6% Don’t know

How do you view Liberman’s negative statements towards the extreme right?

47% Political spin, 26% Represents his true views, 26% Don’t know

Is Naftali Bennett a suitable candidate for Prime Minister?

66% No, 26% Yes, 8% Don’t know

What should Naftali Bennett do ahead of the next elections?

48% Lead the right as the leader of Bayit Yehudi, 30% Don’t know, 22% Join Likud

Can Avi Gabbai change the face of the Labor Party in a significant way?

39% No, 38% Yes, 23% Don’t know

Can Avi Gabbai pull in new voters to the Labor party that would not have thought of voting for the party before he won the leadership race?

42% Yes, 29% No, 29% Don’t know

What should Kahlon do ahead of the next election?

51% Stay in Kulanu, 28% Join Likud, 21% Don’t know

Do you view Kahlon as a right wing leader?

53% No, 30% Yes, 17% Don’t know

Will Moshe Kahlon succeed in lowering the housing prices as he promised?

72% No, 15% Yes, 13% Don’t know


Poll #3: Hasbara

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on October 2 2017.

Should Israel quit the United Nations Human Rights Council because of the automatic majority that is against the country?

55% No, 28% Yes, 17% Don’t know

How should Israel act in connection with granting visa entry to human rights activists that are hostile towards Israel?

63% Approach it on an individual case by case basis, 28% Revoke all visas, 7% Allow all visas, 2% Don’t know

In response to Palestinian activity in the international arena should Israel stop tax payments to the Palestinian Authority?

59% Yes, 30% No, 11% Don’t know

Should Palestinian activity in the international arena be the reason Israel avoids diplomatic contact with the Palestinians?

43% Yes, 42% No, 15% Don’t know

Should Israel ease restrictions on the Palestinians as long as there are no security risks involved?

59% Yes, 33% No, 8% Don’t know