Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on August 7 2017.

To what extent do you have faith in the integrity and professionalism of Attorney General Mandelblit?

37% Great extent, 29% Moderate extent, 19% Can’t say, 8% Low extent, 7% Not at all

Have the protests next to Attorney General Mandelblit’s house influenced your decision about the latest cases?

55% No, 29% Don’t know, 16% Yes

In your opinion is the Attorney General serving the Israeli justice system or the Israeli government?

41% Justice system, 32% Don’t know, 27% Government

Should the Attorney General explain his positions and deliberations with the general public?

57% Yes, 32% No, 11% Don’t know

Who do you think should appoint the Attorney General the Justice Minister or the Prime Minister?

61% Justice Minister, 21% Don’t know, 18% Prime Minister

Considering the large number of cases of Ministers and Prime Ministers, should Israel separate the Attorney General from the Head of the Prosecution Office?

57% Yes, 28% Don’t know, 15% No