Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on August 14 2017.

Are Avi Gabbai’s positions on Social & Economic issues clear to you?

72% No, 28% Yes

Are Avi Gabbai’s positions on Security & Diplomatic issues clear to you?

77% No, 23% Yes

Is it correct for Gabbai to declare at this early stage that he will win the next elections and be the next Prime Minister?

66% No, 17% Yes, 17% Don’t know

Do you think that Gabbai did the right thing by joining the protesters next to the Attorney General’s home in Petah Tikva?

52% No, 26% Yes, 22% Don’t know

Note #1: Center-Left voters: 52% Yes, 39% No, 9% Don’t know

Do you trust Gabbai to run the State of Israel?

54% No, 26% Yes, 20% Don’t know

Note #2: Center-Left voters: 44% Yes, 35% No, 21% Don’t know

What has been your impression of Gabbai’s performance in the media since he was elected to lead Labor?

40% Good, 31% Don’t know, 29% Bad

Should Gabbai recruit Peretz & Herzog or ignore them by starting down a new path?

60% Recruit, 23% Don’t know, 17% Ignore