Direct Polls conducted a poll of center-left voters that was published by Makor Rishon on January 6 2019.

Do you support removing Avi Gabbai as Labor Chairman?

54.1% Yes, 36.8% No, 9.1% Don’t know

Do you support Gabbai’s move to end the partnership of the Zionist Union?

52.1% No, 22.9% Support the move but not the way it was done, 21% Yes, 4% Don’t know

Who should lead the Labor list in the next elections if not Avi Gabbai?

25.3% Gantz, 18.6% Barak, 12.4% Livni, 12.2% Don’t know, 11.8% Yachimovich, 10.8% Ashkenazi, 8.9% Shapir

Should Labor run alone or join a Center-left alliance?

76.6% Run as an alliance, 18.8% Run alone, 4.6% Don’t know