Direct Polls conducted a poll of 2025 Dati Leumi and Haredi Leumi voters with a 2% margin of error for Makor Rishon that was published on Jan 4 2019.

Who do you vote for in the last elections?

75.2% Bayit Yehudi, 10% Likud, 9.8% Yachad, 2.6% Other, 0.9% Didn’t vote, 0.7% Shas, 0.4% Yesh Atid, 0.3% Kulanu

Who will you vote for in this election?

45.6% Bayit Yehudi, 21.8% HaYamin HeHadash, 17.9% Undecided, 8.7% Likud, 3.4% Other, 0.5% Shas, 0.4% Gesher, 0.2% Israel Resilience, 0% Kulanu

Do you support or oppose Bennett & Shaked’s decision?

39.6% Oppose, 37.5% Support, 13.2% Depends on who is chosen on both lists, 9.7% Undecided

Young voters: 47.6% Support, 28.2% Oppose, 13.9% Depends on list, 10.4% Undecided
Hardal voters: 38.8% Oppose, 36.6% Support, 13.8% Depends on the list, 10.8% Undecided

What is the main reason for you position on the previous question?

26% Dangerous for the right bloc, 24.9% Harms the religious zionist base, 23.5% To achieve national leadership it is not enough to be sectorial, 15.2% Should strengthen the right bloc, 10.5% It was expected for a long time

Note: 34.1% of young voters answered “To achieve national leadership” compared to 16.1% of Hardal voters.

Do you support a joint list of Bayit Yehudi and Tekuma with Yachad of Eli Yishai and/or Otzma?

66.9% Yes, 22.6% Depends on each list, 6.6% No, 4% Undecided

What was the motive behind Bennett and Shaked leaving?

39.5% Ideology and personal gain, 28.8% Personal gain, 22.8% Ideology and values, 8.8% Don’t know

Note: More than a third of young Bayit Yehudi voters answered the motives were ideology and values.

Who should lead the Bayit Yehudi list?

40.4% Smotrich, 38.2% Someone new, 9.3% Ben Dahan, 6.3% Ariel, 5.9% Yogev