Army Radio/Midgam Poll: Likud 30, Yesh Atid 18, Zionist Union 12, Joint List 12

Army Radio conducted a poll for Midgam that was broadcast on Nov 20 2018.

Current Knesset seats in [brackets]

30 [30] Likud
18 [11] Yesh Atid
12 [24] Zionist Union
12 [13] The Joint (Arab) List
09 [08] Bayit Yehudi
08 [10] Kulanu
08 [05] Yisrael Beitenu
07 [06] Yahadut Hatorah/UTJ
06 [07] Shas
06 [01] Orly Levy
04 [05] Meretz
00 [–-] Zehut, Yaalon, Yachad (as other) under 3.25% threshold

68 [66] Current Right-Religious Coalition
52 [54] Current Center-Left-Arab Opposition

Additional Questions:

The main objective of Netanyahu’s speech was political or national security interests?

58% Political interests, 31% National security interests, 11% Don’t know

Center-left voters: 80% Political interests

Will Netanyahu as Defense Minister do a better job than Liberman in regards to the situation in the south?

52% No difference, 19% Yes, 16% No, 13% Don’t know

Right wing voters: 30% Yes

Note: The polling average HAS BEEN UPDATED at this link:


  • Brad Yaker


    Good Morning from the midwest. Do you have any thoughts on Avi Dichter’s position within the party relative to the next election. In other words, do you think he might move up on the party list, and is he a candidate for a top position within the cabinet (example – defense)?

    Thank you.

  • Judah

    Not much change, but shouldn’t Shas fall down with the Deri issue and perhaps Likud and UTJ benefit from this, though the latter seem to be fighting within themselves

    • Tom


      You are talking about Israel. Netanyahu has benefited from the corruption charges by claiming to be the underdog. Why should Deri be any different. If you note since the publication of the corruption charges Shas has gone up 50% in the opinion polls. Welcome to Israel.

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