Poll #1

Midgam conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on August 17 2017.

Do you think it is suitable to conduct protests to pressure the AG to act in one direction or another in the PM cases?

47% Yes, 42% No, 11% Don’t know

Do you think protests should be conducted in front of AG’s house or move it to a public place?

72% Public place, 17% Next to his house, 11% Don’t know

Was the pro-Netanyahu rally meant to pressure the AG or just show support?

48% Pressure, 31% Support, 21% Don’t know

Will the protests and rallies influence the AG and law enforcement authorities?

51% No, 44% Yes, 5% Don’t know

Should the Prime Minister step down temporarily due to the allegations against him?

45% Yes, 45% No, 10% Don’t know

If Netanyahu is indicted should he resign?

65% Yes, 25% No, 10% Don’t know

Should Likud MKs and ministers be condemned for casting doubts on the AG & police?

59% Yes, 24% Don’t know, 17% No

Should Homeland Security Minister Erdan & Justice Minister Shaked come out publicly to defend law enforcement?

66% Yes, 18% Don’t know, 16% No


Poll #2

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on August 21 2017.

What grade do you give Yaalon for his term as Defense Minister?

44% Good, 24% Average, 21% Bad, 11% Don’t know

Was Yaalon correct to come out against Elor Azaria before the incident was publicized or investigated?

57% No, 35% Yes, 8% Don’t know

Yaalon said that Netanyahu is corrupt because he must be involved in the German sub affair. Do you agree with Yaalon?

46% Yes, 42% No, 12% Don’t know

Is Yaalon suited to be Prime Minister?

66% No, 18% Yes, 16% Don’t know

Where would you place Yaalon on the political map?

30% Right, 30% Center, 28% Left, 12% Don’t know

What should Yaalon do if he wants to go back into politics?

61% Join another party, 28% Don’t know, 11% Run on his own list

Of those who said he should join a partywhich party?

36% Yesh Atid, 27% Zionist Union, 18% Kulanu, 17% Don’t know, 2% Yisrael Beitenu, 2% Bayit Yehudi


Poll #3

Midgam conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on August 22 2017.

Is the anti-Semitism in the United States at an alarming level?

71% Yes, 21% No, 8% Don’t know

Does Trump’s daughter who converted to Judaism and his Jewish grandchildren influence his statements against neo-Nazis?

36% Influences him to talk, 36% No, 15% Don’t know, 13% Influences him to not talk

Does Trump’s non-condemnation of neo-Nazis in Charlottesville encourage antisemitism?

66% Yes, 19% Don’t know, 15% No

Does the fact that among Trump supporters there are many racists influence your opinions?

66% Yes, 25% No, 9% Don’t know

Will Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response to Trump’s comments harm US Jewry?

44% No, 40% Don’t know, 16% Yes

Does Israeli Hasbara do enough against racism and neo-Nazis in the US & around the world?

56% Yes but not enough, 22% No, 14% Don’t know, 6% Yes