Poll #1: Midgam conducted a poll of 540 people with a 4.2% margin of error that was broadcast by Channel 2 on August 10 2017.

Do you agree with the prime minister’s claim that the media has launched a campaign to topple him?

48% No, 42% Yes, 10% Don’t know

Has Netanyahu’s speech strengthened or weakened your faith in Netanyahu?

50% No change, 27% Weakened, 12% Don’t know, 11% Strengthened

Should investigations be postponed against an incumbent prime minister?

72% No, 15% Yes, 13% Don’t know


Poll #2: Shiluv conducted a poll of 500 people that was conducted and broadcast by Kan (Channel 1) on August 10 2017.

Do you agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statement that the left and the media are trying to carry out a government coup?

53% No (21% do not agree and 32% totally disagree), 47% Yes (20% strongly agree and 27% agree)

Do you believe in the innocence of the prime minister?

67% No (38% do not believe and 29% do not believe at all), 33% Yes (25% believe and 8% really believe it.

Did the prime minister’s speech last night strengthen your belief in the innocence of the prime minister or weaken it?

35% Didn’t hear about speech, 29% Don’t believe him & No Change, 17% Believe him & No Change, , 8% Strengthened, 2% Weakened

Do you think the prime minister will have to resign if he is indicted?

69% Yes, compared, 31% No.

Note: 46% of right-wing voters responded yes.