Smith conducted a poll of 500 registered Labor members with a 4.5% margin of error that was published by Maariv on April 22 2017. The model took into account age and geographic distribution. Poll was conducted after Margalit joined race with his video.

If Leadership Elections were held today who would you vote for?

(Among people who answered 100% chance they will vote in elections):
28% Peretz, 19% Bar-lev, 19% Gabai, 16% Herzog, 14% Margalit, 4% Don’t know yet

How sure are you that you will vote for the candidate you have chosen from a scale of 1-100?

88.17 Herzog, 85.83 Peretz, 84.61 Margalit, 80.2 Bar-lev, 79.07 Gabai

Percentage of people who answered 100:

50% Peretz, 48% Herzog, 42% Margalit, 36% Bar-lev, 30% Gabai

Notes: There are around 50 thousand members eligible to vote in the election. 74% answered the chance they will vote is above 90%. There are other candidates that were not polled.