Panels conducted a poll of 505 Jewish & Arab citizens with a 4.3% margin of error for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast on May 30 2016

Should Minister Kahlon follow Avi Gabai and leave the government?

45% No, 30% Yes, 25% Don’t know

If Kahlon does resign, what will you think of him?

30% Will increase my opinion of him, 30% Will decrease my opinion of him, 29% Won’t change my opinion of him, 11% Don’t know

What grade to you give Kahlon for his conduct as Finance Minister?

41% Average, 31% Good, 20% Bad, 8% Don’t know

Can you name Minister Kahlon achievements?

68% No, 19% Yes, 13% Don’t know

Is Minister Kahlon a social “chevrati” leader?

46% No, 39%, Yes 15%, Don’t know

If the elections were today, would you consider voting for Moshe Kahlon?

General Public: 72% No, 18% Don’t know, 10% Yes

Kulanu voters: 41% Yes, 30% Don’t know, 29% No

Those who answered noWhy did you answer no?

47% I support a different party, 30% Kahlon has disappointed as Finance Minister, 9% His diplomatic views, 8% Gas deal, 6% Don’t know

Do you think Minister Kahlon should join a party of disappointed Netanyahu figures when it is founded?

General Public: 40% No, 38% Yes, 22% Don’t know

Kulanu voters: 56% Yes, 26% No, 18% Don’t know

Who is the leading social “chevrati” figure in Israeli politics?

24% Orly Levy, 19% None of the above, 14% Miri Regev, 12% Shelly Yachimovich, 8% Don’t know, 7% Moshe Kahlon, 5% Amir Peretz, 4% Itzick Shmueli, 4% Stav Shapir, 3% Dov Khenin