Panels conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast May 9 2016

What grade do you give your lives on the happiness scale?

52% Pretty happy, 32% Not happy, 15% Very happy

What is the main issue that clouds your happiness?

44% Economy, 26% Inner-fighting, 25% Security, 5% No opinion

Have you ever considered “Yerida” (leaving Israel to live in another country)?

67% No, 31% Yes, 2% Don’t know

Do you feel that “Ein Lachem Eretz Achert” (you have no other land)?

63% Yes, 23% Sometimes, 12% No

Do you think that you would be happier if you lived someplace else?

52% No, 32% Yes, 15% Don’t know

Does Anti-Semitism increase your attachment to Israel?

67% Yes, 25% No, 8% No opinion

Do you think that your grandchildren will also live in the State of Israel?

72% Yes, 20% Don’t know, 8% No