Panels conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast on May 5 2016.

Do you think the condition of Israeli residents on the Gaza perimeter is better or worse than the situation before Operation Protective Edge

48% No Difference, 25% Better, 18% Worse

Which of the following people is most appropriate to be Defense Minister?

28% Moshe Yaalon, 16% Naftali Bennett, 15% Avigdor Liberman, 8% Ofer Selach

From what you know, are you for or against a biannual state budget?

37% No opinion 34% Yes 28% No

To what extent are you satisfied with the conduct of Moshe Kahlon in his role as Finance Minister?

50% Satisfied 36% Not satisfied

Should the Zionist Union enter the government?

48% No, 32% Don’t know, 20% Yes

Zionist Union voters: 58% No, 26% Yes, 16% Don’t know

Will the Zionist Union join the government in the end?

39% No, 33% Yes, 28% Don’t know

Zionist Union voters: 48% No, 31% Don’t know, 21% Yes

Zionist Union voters question – Under what conditions would you support entering the government?

27% If Bayit Yehudi leaves, 25% Settlement freeze, 24% Changing government guidelines, 20% Getting important ministry portfolios