Panels conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast on May 2nd 2016.

What is the reason behind the anger and recent comments in Britain against Israel?

35% Problem with Hasbara, 24% Government policies, 23% Other reasons, 18% Don’t know

Should we boycott organizations that are traditionally hostile towards Israel?

65% Yes, 27% No, 8% Don’t know

Leftist  organizations such as Btzelem, Breaking the Silence and others are:

77% Causing us harm, 14% Helping our image, 9% Don’t know

Should we act towards a two state solution and reduce settlement activity so that the world will like us?

56% No, 35% Yes, 9% Don’t know

Do you fear Antisemitic activity when you are overseas?

59% Yes, 41% No