Panels conducted a poll for Knesset Channel that was broadcast on Feb 11 2016

In principle do you support or oppose the proposed bill that would allow MKs in certain cases to oust a sitting MK?

54% Support, 35% Oppose, 11% Don’t Know

What do you think of the Knesset Ethics Committee punishment of the Balad MKs?

61% Too light, 26% Proportional, 13% Too severe

What is your sense of security on a day-to-day basis?

41% Somewhat secure, 27% Very secure, 20% Little bit secure, 10% Not secure

(Geographically the area that feels least secure is the southern residents)

How satisfied are you with the government’s conduct during the current terror wave?

77% Not satisfied, 19% Satisfied, 4% No opinion on the subject

Compared to this time last year, has your personal sense of security been harmed?

56% Harmed, 40% Not harmed, 4% Don’t know

Do you support Netanyahu’s announcement that all of Israel’s borders will be completely surrounded by a security fence?

61% Yes, 24% No

If there is no partner on the other side, do you support one-sided moves?

49% Yes, 42% No