Panels conducted a poll for Knesset Channel that was broadcast on Feb 8 2016

What is Meretz’s main problem?

36% Cares more about Arabs than Jews, 28% Is extreme left, 19% The public has gone right, 5% Has no problem, 3% That they dealt with social issues

What grade do you give Meretz in Knesset work? (Question for left voters)

30% Good, 28% Average, 18% Very Good, 10% Bad

What grade do you give Meretz Leader Zahava Gal-On? (Question for left voters)

40% Good, 19% Very Good, 19% Average, 16% Bad

Left in your eyes is:

74% Legitimate perspective, 26% Bad word

Which Knesset Faction has the best and most active MKs?

Yesh Atid 16%, Bayit Yehudi 13%, Likud 13%, UTJ 12%, Meretz 11%, Zionist Union 9%, Yisrael Beitenu 5%, The Joint List 4%, Shas 3%, Kulanu 3%