Panels conducted a poll for Knesset Channel that was broadcast on Feb 1 2016

What grade do you give Opposition Leader Issac Herzog?

41% Bad, 35% Average, 11% Good, 10% Don’t Know, 3% Very Good

What is Issac Herzog’s main problem in conveying his message to the public?

49% His message changes, 25% He doesn’t look good on TV, 18% Don’t know, 6% No problem, 2% He looks too young

Who is the most excelling opposition party head? (Question for center-left voters only)

38% Lapid, 18% Gal-on, 11% Odeh, 11% Liberman, 7% Herzog

Of the following personalities, who does the Zionist Union need to highlight in order to win? (Question for center-left voters only)

35% Yachimovich, 28% None of them, 13% Herzog, 11% Livni, 6% Peretz

Should Herzog enter the government as Foreign Minister?

60% No, 20% Yes, 20% Don’t Know