Panels conducted a poll for Knesset Channel that was broadcast on Jan 28 2016

Do you agree with Herzog’s statement that there is no ability to advance to a two state solution?

58% Yes, 34% No
Zionist Union voters: 50% Yes, 44% No

Zionist Union voters Question: Who is better suited to be the Zionist Union leader?

42% Yachomovich, 39% Herzog

Note: Card carrying Labor Party members will eventually vote for Labor leader. Livni is the Livni/Movement Party Chair. Additionally, most Zionist Union & Labor Party voters are not members of Labor and therefore cannot vote in primary.

Should ministers make decisions based on their world view on cultural and educational aspect or leave the decisions to professionals?

61% Leave to professionals, 31% Based on their worldview

From what you have heard is the new civics book fair or not fair?

50% Don’t know, 25% Fair, 25% Not fair

What elements would you like to see emphasized in new civics book?

45% Balance, 28% Jewish elements, 23% Democratic elements

Do you think school books have a political bias?

35% Don’t know, 29% Left bias, 22% No bias, 14% Right bias

Is it right to tie public funding for culture to ethical principles or budget according to artistic quality?

44% Artistic quality, 41% Tie public funding

What do you of the proposed Culture Loyalty Bill?

62% Support, 31% Oppose