Haaretz conducted a poll between the 15-17 of February with 458 Israeli Arabs and a 3.8% margin of error.

There are 825,000 Israeli Arab voters eligible to vote in this election.

If Elections were today who would you vote for?

66.9% The Joint (Arab) List (12.4 seats)

14.2% Undecided

5.7% Zionist Union

4.3% Meretz

2.4% Likud

1.7% Yisrael Beitenu

1.2% Other Arab List (led by former MK Asana)

1.2% Shas

1.2% Koolanu

0.7% Bayit Yehudi

0.5% Yesh Atid

0.2% Hope for Change (another Arab party)

0% UTJ

0% Yachad

Israeli Arab Voter Turnout:

19th Knesset: 56%

20th Knesset: (expected) 62.4%

What is more important for Israeli Arab voters?

70% improving economic situation

30% Solving Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Who should your party support to form the next government?

58% Herzog, 16% no one, 15% Don’t know, 11% Netanyahu


Among voters of 3 Arab lists: 62% Herzog, 17% no one, 13% Don’t know, 7% Netanyahu

Among voters of Jewish lists: 65% Herzog, 28% Netanyahu, 4% no one, 3% Don’t know

What is the determining factor for Israeli Arab voters to go out and vote in this election?

58% The Joint List unification

24% I would have voted anyways

11% Racist remarks of politicians

3.5% Jewish State Law

3.5% Other reasons

Should The Joint List join the coalition?

30% Yes, if Herzog is Prime Minister

28% Yes, no matter who is Prime Minister

22% No, to entering coalition but yes to joining a preventative bloc (to prevent Netanyahu)

14% No, to entering coalition and no to joining a preventative bloc

3% Don’t know

Are you pleased with the conduct of the Arab MKs?

35% Neutral

32% Not at all

16% Not really

9% Very much so

8% Mostly so