Poll #1: Maagar Mochot conducted a poll of 500 people with a 4.3% margin of error for Radio 103 FM that was broadcast on Jan 18 2019.

What are the considerations guiding the attorney general, which is expected to decide soon in the prime minister’s investigation files, are they professional considerations or not professional?

71% professional, 29% Non-professional

Is the gag order imposed this week on the new legal case being investigated by the police justified or unjustified?

58% unjustified, 42% Justified

Poll #2: Panels conducted a poll of 523 people with a 4.3% margin of error for Maariv that was published on Jan 18 2019.

Has the sexual bribery scandal that was exposed in recent days damaged your faith in the judicial system?

35% Great extent, 34% Certain extent, 13% Small extent, 11% Didn’t hear about scandal, 7% No extent

What is your level of confidence in the legal and justice system in Israel?

55% Low, 39% High, 6% No opinion

Note #1: 65% on the right, 42% on the center and 32% on the left answered low.

Note #2: 68% on the left, 53% on the center and 29% on the right answered high.