Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by Walla on July 16 2018

Who won the last round?

44% Hamas, 27% Israel, 25% Don’t know, 4% Other responses

Was it correct to accept a ceasefire during this current round?

45% No, 26% Other answers, 20% Yes, 9% Don’t know

Do you support the current government policy?

58% No, 35% Yes, 7% Don’t know

Was Minister Naftali Bennett correct in objecting to a ceasefire?

62% Yes, 20% No, 18% Don’t know

Should Israel conduct a widespread operation in Gaza?

45% Yes, 37% No, 18% Don’t know

Was Prime Minister Netanyahu wrong or correct in not meeting southern residents?

73% Wrong, 16% Correct, 11% Don’t know