Poll #1: Meretz/Zandberg

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on March 26 2018.


Was Tamar Zandberg correct in consulting during her campaign with Mosh Klughaft who is associated with the right-wing?

36% Yes, 35% Don’t know, 29% No

Left: 38% No, 33% Yes, 29% Don’t know
Right: 39% Don’t know, 34% Yes, 27% No


Following the changes to Meretz including the new election of the new Chairwoman Tamar Zandberg, will you vote for Meretz in the next Knesset?

81% No, 10% Don’t know, 9% Yes

Right: 94% No, 3% Don’t know, 3% Yes
Left: 42% No, 41% Yes, 17% Don’t know


Should Zandberg make her positions more moderate or extreme to win more votes?

62% Moderate, 27% Don’t know, 11% Extreme

Right: 63% Moderate, 26% Don’t know, 11% Extreme
Left: 50% Moderate, 35% Don’t know, 15% Extreme


Should Zandberg take Meretz in a more social or a more diplomatic direction?

64% Social, 20% Don’t know, 16% Diplomatic

Right: 60% Social, 26% Don’t know, 14% Diplomatic
Left: 71% Social, 13% Don’t know, 16% Diplomatic


Was it correct for Zandberg to declare she refuses to sit in any coalition government that Avigdor Liberman is a member of?

45% Yes, 36% Don’t know, 19% No

Right: 44% Don’t know, 35% Yes, 21% No
Left: 65% Yes, 19% No, 16% Don’t know


Do you want Meretz to be a part of a future Israeli government?

61% No, 30% Yes, 9% Don’t know

Right: 85% No, 8% Yes, 7% Don’t know
Left: 83% Yes, 10% No, 7% Don’t know


Would you describe Meretz as Zionist Party?

56% No, 31% Yes, 13% Don’t know

Right: 74% No, 10% Yes, 16% Don’t know
Left: 76% Yes, 18% No, 6% Don’t know



Poll #2: Marijuana

Midgam conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on March 21 2018.


Have you ever smoked or consumed marijuana in any way?

64% No, 36% Yes


Who should be the target of the law against lighter drugs (you may choose more than one)?

78% Drug dealers who deal to minors as well, 31% Drug deals who deal only to adults, 21% Drug consumers, 6% None of the above


Do you support Israel exporting medical marijuana?

77% Yes, 13% Don’t know, 10% No


Following Minister Erdan’s decriminalization bill, which of the following do you agree with?

38% No punishment, 22% Fine of thousand shekels or more, 18% Criminal record, 11% Low fine, 11% Don’t know


Do you support legalizing light drugs in Israel?

40% No, 33% Yes from age 21, 16% Yes from age 18, 9% Don’t know, 2% Yes with no age limit



Poll #3: UK vs Russia

Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on March 19 2018.


From what you know and have heard do you believe Russia is behind the poisoning of the former spy?

78% Yes, 18% No, 4% Don’t know


Has the poisoning of the former spy strengthened Putin’s position in Russian public opinion?

46% Yes, 33% Don’t know, 21% No


Is the UK’s response to expel 23 Russian diplomats back home the right decision?

56% Yes, 32% Don’t know, 12% No


Should the UK cut diplomatic ties with Russia or has the current response been enough?

50% Current response is enough, 31% Don’t know, 19% Cut ties


Poll #4: Immigrants

Midgam conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on March 8 2018.


Should Israel deport the immigrants who arrived before 2013 or absorb them into society using international funding?

43% Deport, 23% Absorb w/outside funding, 21% Absorb even without funding, 13% Don’t know


Should Israel increase the grant that is given to the expelled immigrants?

47% Keep it the same, 20% Lower, 18% Higher, 15% Don’t know


Should Israel train and employ the immigrants or deport them and import foreign workers?

53% Train Immigrants, 29% Import foreign workers, 18% Don’t know


Should Israel do more for the immigrants in terms of examining their status as refugees?

55% Yes, 34% No, 11% Don’t know


Do you agree with the argument that because of the history of the Jewish people that immigrants should not be expelled or deported?

52% No, 35% Yes, 13% Don’t know