Poll#1: Deri

Panels conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast on Jan 9 2018.

Did Deri do the right thing or the wrong thing by trying to get MK Glick to vote in Knesset despite the fact he was sitting shiva for his wife?

78% Wrong, 17% Don’t know, 5% Right

Shas voters: 44% Wrong, 31% Don’t know, 25% Right

Did Deri do the right thing or the wrong thing by trying to cause Minister Azoluai to resign his office because he was sick in the hospital getting treatment and could not participate in the Knesset voting?

69% Wrong, 21% Don’t know, 10% Right

Shas voters: 41% Wrong, 30% Don’t know, 29% Right

Shas was founded to provide a political home for the Sephardi community from the Haredim until the traditional. Is Shas living up to its goal?

59% No, 21% Yes, 20% Don’t know

Shas voters: 50% Yes, 44% No, 6% Don’t know

Are you satisfied with the way Aryeh Deri is running Shas as Chairman?

65% No, 20% Don’t know, 15% Yes

Shas voters: 50% Yes, 37% No, 13% Don’t know

Should Deri have returned to lead Shas given his past criminal record?

69% No, 17% Don’t know, 14% Yes

Shas voters: 53% Yes, 35% No, 12% Don’t know

What is Deri’s main motivation for the Supermarkets Bill?

63% Political capital, 23% Holiness of the Sabbath

Shas voters: 65% Holiness of the Sabbath, 18% Political capital

Should Deri make up with Eli Yishai and bring back to Shas the voters who left in the last election the past or should he maintain the current course?

41% Makeup, 15% Maintain course

Shas voters: 47% Makeup, 29% Maintain course


Poll #2: Fake News

Smith conducted a poll for Globes of 550 people with a 4.3% margin of error that was published on Jan 3 2018.

Who is responsible for Fake News?

43% Parts of the press and the media are guilty and brought it upon themselves.
41% There is no specific guilty party, Fake News is a by-product of the dominance of social networks in our lives.

Breakdown by 2015 voting:

Bayit Yehudi Voters: 62% Press, 24% Social Media, 14% Don’t know
Shas and UTJ Voters: 62% Press, 27% Social Media, 11% Don’t know
Kulanu voters: 54% Press, 37% Social Media, 9% Don’t know
Likud voters: 52% Press, 36% Social Media, 12% Don’t know
Yisrael Beitenu voters: 50% Press, 33% Social Media, 17% Don’t know
The Joint List voters: 43% Social Media, 29% Press, 28% Don’t know
Yesh Atid voters: 55% Social Media, 26% Press, 19% Don’t know
Meretz voters: 58% Social Media, 23% Press, 19% Don’t know
Zionist Union Voters: 68% Social Media, 22% Press, 10% Don’t know


Poll #3: President RIvlin

Panels conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast on Jan 1 2018.

Are you satisfied with President Rivlin’s conduct as President?

53% Satisfied, 42% Not Satisfied, 5% Don’t know

Note: 96% of left and 66% of center are satisfied with President Rivlin compared to 59% of the Right who are not satisfied.

Do you think President Rivlin’s speech where he hinted that the public should go protest against corruption was a worthy speech?

46% No, 41% Yes, 13% Don’t know

Does President Rilvin conduct himself in a statesmanlike manner or in a political manner?

45% Statesman, 42% Political, 13% Don’t know

Do you accept the argument that President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu are utilizing situations to close old accounts with each other?

50% Yes, 25% Don’t know, 25% No

Should President Rivlin use his position to express an opinion on controversial issues?

55% No, 39% Yes, 6% Don’t know

Will you support Rivlin if he decides to return to politics after he leaves the President’s Residence?

39% No, 31% Yes, 30% Don’t know