Poll #1: Netanyahu Investigations

Midgam conducted a poll of 504 people with a 4.4% margin of error that was broadcast by the Channel 13 on Dec 21 2017. It was conducted on Dec 20-21 2017.

Is the police conducting a witch hunt after Netanyahu or is the objective of the investigations to reach the truth?

59% Truth, 27% Witch hunt, 14% Don’t know

If the police does recommend an indictment for receiving bribery, should Netanyahu resign?

60% Yes, 28% No, 12% Don’t know

If the police does recommend an indictment for fraud and breach of trust, should Netanyahu resign??

63% Yes, 27% No, 10% Don’t know


Poll #2: Teva

Midgam conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Dec 21 2017.

Should the Teva CEO who under his watch purchased new factories for 42 million shekels take personal responsibility for the losses?

77% Yes, 13% Don’t know, 10% No

Should the Teva board of directors who approved the deals that led to losses of billions of shekels participate in the losses of the company?

79% Yes, 11% Don’t know, 10% No

Should the pension funds that purchased Teva stocks or bonds issue a class action suit Teva to save as much money as possible for the public?

68% Yes, 17% Don’t know, 15% No

Should the state demand from Teva to hold off on the mass firings because of all the tax benefits it has received?

69% Yes, 22% No, 9% Don’t know

Would the demand for Teva to hold off from mass firings in its current state be the right thing to do?

58% Yes, 25% No, 17% Don’t know

Do you think it is justified to pass a law that will force companies that receive large tax benefits to accept the participation of external experts in significant decisions?

69% Yes, 18% No, 13% Don’t know

Do you agree with the argument that in Israel there is a system where executives receive a very high salary when the company does well and it is only the workers that pay the punishment when the company loses money?

77% Yes, 13% No, 10% Don’t know

Is it justified for the entire economy to strike as a pressure tactic meant to prevent mass firings?

50% No, 36% Yes, 14% Don’t know