Midgam conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Dec 14 2017.

Is President Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital going to strengthen or weaken Israel’s standing in the world?

54% Strengthen, 29% Don’t know, 17% Weaken

Are the severe reactions from the Muslim world against President Trump’s Jerusalem recognition harming the standing of the United States in the Muslim world?

58% Yes, 31% No, 11% Don’t know

Will the reactions by the Muslim states and the Palestinians towards the Jerusalem recognition cause the United States to rush their peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians?

48% No, 26% Yes, 26% Don’t know

Assuming that the United States does release a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians, will it include transferring Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem to the Palestinians?

47% Yes, 32% No, 21% Don’t know

Do you think that in the American peace deal that the Temple Mount will remain under the Waqf?

61% Yes, 22% Don’t know, 17% No

In your opinion if Russia, the United States and Western Europe band together and release a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, will a plan like that succeed?

53% No, 36% Yes, 11% Don’t know

Do you think that Trump’s Jerusalem declaration might lead to another intifada?

48% Yes, 41% No, 11% Don’t know