Midgam conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast on September 22 2016.

Should there be a two-term-limit on mayors?

63% Yes, 34% No, 3% Don’t know

Does the fact that mayors have political power and influence over primary party members deter MKs from proposing term-limit bills?

73% Yes, 17% No, 10% Don’t know

There have been cases where real estate moguls offered benefits to Mayors. Should Mayors be prevented from chairing construction committees that approve building plans?

77% Yes, 15% No, 8% Don’t know

Will a two-term-limit help eradicate corruption scandals in local municipalities?

63% Yes, 31% No, 6% Don’t know

Mayors have the authority to appoint their ombudsmen/comptroller and the legal advisers of the municipality. Should they keep that authority?

84% No, 11% Yes, 5% Don’t know

Should there be a term limit for the position of Israeli Prime Minister to two terms, as the United States limits US Presidents?

64% Yes, 32% No, 4% Don’t know