Poll#1: Smith conducted a poll of 500 people with a margin of error of 4.5% that was broadcast by Reshet Bet Radio on Sep 4 2016.

Who is in your opinion is responsible for the Shabbat Crisis?

43% Prime Minister Netanyahu, 25% Haredi parties, 19% Transportation Minister Katz, 13% No opinion

In your opinion should the Prime Minister fire or not fire the Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz?

82% Not fire, 18% Fire

Notes: Among those who fault Yisrael Katz for the Shabbat crisis: 53% Not fire, 47% Fire. 43% of Haredim said Katz should be fired. Among Likud voters 76% said don’t fire and 24% said fire. Among Zionist Union voters 13% said fire, 11% of Yesh Atid voters also said he should be fired, just 5% of Meretz voters said Katz should be fired. 10% of Bayit Yehudi voters said Katz should be fired.


Poll #2: HaMidgam Project (formerly Dialog) conducted a poll of 501 people for Walla that was published on Sep 4 2016.

In your opinion who is responsible for the crisis of the train work on the Sabbath?

42% Prime Minister Netanyahu, 27% Haredi parties, 17% Transportation Minister Katz, 11% No opinion, 3% Someone else

Do you support or oppose infrastructure work on trains during the Sabbath?

57% Support, 35% Oppose, 8% no opinion

Notes:  57% of secular Jews blame Netanyahu and 37% of traditional Jews blame Netanyahu. Among religious Jews 40% blame Katz, 19% the Haredi parties and 16% blame Netanyahu. Among Haredim 53% blame Katz, 19% blame Netanyahu and just 6% blame their own Haredi parties.

Among secular Jews 86% support the work on the Sabbath compared to 7% who oppose. Among traditional Jews the level of support is 56%. Among religious Jews 78% oppose the work on the Sabbath and 13% support it. Among Haredim – 100% oppose the work on the Sabbath.


Poll #3: Midgam conducted a poll of 500 people that was broadcast by Channel 2 on Sept 4 2016.

Who is to blame for the Train Crisis?

49% Netanyahu, 21% Both equally, 14% Katz

Should Netanyahu fire Minister Katz?

64% No, 17% Yes

Was Netanyahu’s decision not to have the work done on Shabbat justified?

63% No, 25% Yes


Poll #4:  Panels conducted a poll of 502 people with a 4.3% margin of error that was published by Maariv on Sep 5 2016

Would you advise Netanyahu to fire or not fire Minister Yisrael Katz?

62% No, 26% Don’t know, 12% Yes

Note: 62% – number the same among Likud members.

Who do you support in the current working on the Sabbath crisis?

52% Katz, 25% Netanyahu, 23% Don’t know

Note: Among Likud voters 41% support Katz, 32% support Netanyahu & 27% don’t know.

Is the current crisis due to the Sabbath or is it an internal political issue between Netanyahu and Katz?

67% Internal political issue, 21% About the Sabbath crisis, 12% Don’t know.

Note: Among Likud voters 60% think it is an internal political issue, 33% about the Sabbath crisis and 7% didn’t know.

In principle do you support or oppose serious infrastructure work on the Sabbath?

61% Support, 34% Oppose, 5% No opinion

Note: Among Likud voters 58% support working on the Sabbath, 33% oppose and 9% don’t know.

Are you pleased with the way Transportation Minister Katz does his job?

62% Yes, 30% No