Geocartographia conducted a poll that was published by Kol HaZman magazine on July 22 2016.

Current Knesset seats in [brackets]

21 [30] Likud

20 [11] Yesh Atid

16 [08] Bayit Yehudi

13 [13] The Joint (Arab) List

12 [06] Yahadut Hatorah/UTJ

10 [24] Zionist Union

09 [10] Kulanu

09 [05] Meretz

06 [06] Yisrael Beitenu

04 [07] Shas

68 [67] Right-Religious

52 [53] Center-Left-Arab

Note: As I have pointed out in the past I am not a big fan of the methodology used by Geocartographia led by Prof. Dagani. However, I do include his polls in the average because he is still among the top eight polling Israeli companies. A previous poll conducted earlier this month by Smith produced the same 68-52 bloc ratio. In addition Dagani’s ability to poll the ultra-orthodox community helps average out the polling companies that have a difficulty polling the ultra-orthodox community such as Dialog and Maagar Mochot. I’ll point out that the UTJ 12 seat showing can be factored in with the usual 3%-4% margin of error. My suggestion is not to not read too much into this particular poll but to acknowledge that the pluses of the Geocartographia system are required to produce our polling average.

Updated KnessetJeremy Polling Average below: