Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on July 18 2016.

Do you want Tzachi Hanebgi to return to a senior cabinet position?

43% No, 36% Don’t know, 21% Yes

Where do you place Minister Hanegbi on the political map?

41% Moderate right, 21% Center, 12% True right, 7% Left

Note: 10% of right voters labeled him a leftist.

How do Hanegbi’s previous legal troubles influence your opinion of him?

61% For the worse, 23% Doesn’t influence, 14% No opinion, 2% For the better

For right voters: How much does Hanegbi’s past in Kadima influence your opinion of him?

49% Doesn’t influence, 35% Does influence, 16% Don’t know

Do you trust Minister Hanegbi on security issues?

48% No, 33% Yes, 19% Don’t know

For right voters: Does Hanegbi’s family connection as Geula Cohen’s son influence your opinion of him?

60% Doesn’t influence, 22% Better opinion, 5% Worse opinion

For right voters: Which of the Likud Ministers is most suited to replace Netanyahu when he decides to retire?

47% Don’t know, 14% Yisrael Katz, 13% Regev, 11% Erdan, 5% Elkin, 3% Steinitz, 1% Hanegbi,  1% Gamliel, 1% Akunis, 1% Levin, 1% Chaim Katz