Panels conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast on June 9 2016

Do you agree with Netanyahu’s statement that “the mountain gave birth to a mouse” (that there is nothing into the recent allegations against him?

40% Don’t agree, 36% Agree, 24% Don’t know

Note: Over 60% of Likud voters agree with Netanyahu

Is Netanyahu going through political persecution?

45% No, 40% Yes, 15% Don’t know

Do you agree with Netanyahu’s position that Sarah Netanyahu’s image is being trampled on?

52% Don’t agree, 40% Agree, 8% Don’t know

Which of the two sides do you believe? Golan Yochpaz or Rami Sadan?

44% Yochpaz, 41% Don’t know, 15% Sadan

Do you agree with Rami Sadan that people are after him because he wears a kipa (yarmulke)?

60% No, 22% Don’t know, 18% Yes

Note: 34% of national religious voters agree with Sadan

If Rami Sadan really said what was attributed to him – is he worthy of being Channel 10’s Board of Directors Chairman?

47% No, 30% Don’t know, 23% Yes

Should Shas stand by their demand Netanyahu fire Rami Sadan at the price of leaving the coalition?

General Public: 44% No, 30% Yes, 26% Don’t know

Shas voters: 43% Yes, 34% No, 23% Don’t know