Midgam conducted a poll of 600 people with a 4.1% margin of error for the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University. It is also known as the Peace Index.

What is your opinion on conducting peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority?

33.4% Very much for, 29.6% For, 16.4% Very much against, 15.3% Against, 5.3% Don’t know

Jews: 32.5% For, 27% Very much for, 17.9% Against, 16.9% Very much against, 5.6% Don’t know

Arabs: 65.3% Very much for, 14.8% For, 14% Very much against, 3.6% Don’t know, 2.2 Against

Do you believe or not believe that peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will lead to peace between Israelis and Palestinians in the coming years?

36.9% Don’t believe at all, 30.5% Don’t believe, 20.4% Believe, 6.4% Very much believe, 5.7% Don’t know

Jews: 36.2% Don’t believe at all, 34% Don’t believe, 21.4% Believe, 5.1% Don’t know, 3.4% Very much believe

Arabs: 40.5% Don’t believe at all, 21.3% Very much believe, 15.8% Believe, 13.2% Don’t believe, 9.1% Don’t know

How much are you worried that you or someone that is important to you will be hurt by the current wave of terror attacks?

35.1% Very worried, 34.1% Worried, 20.7% Not worried, 7.9% Not at all worried, 2.1% Don’t know

What do you think the security situation of Israel is today?

34.8% Not good, 31.3% Good, 16.9% Very good, 15% Not good at all, 1.9% Don’t know

Do you think that it is correct or not correct to define Israel’s control of the territories as “occupation”?

42.5% For sure not correct, 22.5% For sure correct, 19.5% Not correct, 10.2% Correct, 5.3% Don’t know

Netanyahu decided to expand his government by bringing Yisrael Beitenu into the government and giving up on bringing in the Zionist Union led by Issac Herzog.  What was better for Israel: A government with the Zionist Union led by Issac Herzog or a government with Yisrael Beitenu led by Avigdor Liberman?

33.7% Government with Yisrael Beitenu, 28.4% Government with Zionist Union, 15.2% Equally good, 12.5% Equally bad, 10.2% Don’t know

Who do you think is better fit to be Defense Minister: Moshe Yaalon or Avigdor Liberman?

51.7% Yaalon, 21.2% Liberman, 11.6% Equally good, 8.7% Don’t know, 6.8% Equally bad

How will Israeli policy look like on the Palestinian issue as a result of Liberman joining the government as Defense Minister?

46.1% Tougher policy, 34.5% Won’t change, 12.7% Don’t know, 6.6% More open to compromise

What will the policy of the Palestinian Authority be in response to the appointment of Liberman as Defense Minister?

37.8% Tougher policy, 37.3% Won’t change, 14.5% Don’t know, 10.4% More open to compromise

What happens as a result of the Liberman appointment to the number of terrorist attacks?

42.2% Won’t change, 21.4% Will go down, 18.7% Will go up, 17.6% Don’t know

Note: 41.6% of Arabs answered will go up.

What will happen with the United States relationship as a result of the Liberman appointment?

48.2% No change, 24.1% Will get worse, 14.9% Don’t know, 12.8% Will get better

How will Liberman appointment influence the chances to renew the peace process with the Palestinians?

38.6% Won’t change chances, 35.4% Lower chances, 16.2% Increase chances, 9.8% Don’t know

Environment Minister Avi Gabai from Kulanu resigned from the government with the explanation that changing Yaalon with Liberman is a mistake that will bring with it an extreme right Israeli policy and increase divides among the nation. Do you think Gabai was right or not right in resigning?

22.4% For sure right, 21.5% Right, 20.9% For sure not right, 20.7% Not right, 14.6% Don’t know

There are those who claim that Kulanu leader, Finance Minister Kahlon, has an interest in secretly supporting Gabai’s resignation to signal Netanyahu that Kulanu sitting in the government is not a sure thing. Do you agree or not agree with this claim?

30.9% Don’t know, 22.8% Don’t agree, 17.9% Agree, 17.1% Don’t agree at all, 11.2% Agree very much

MK Orly Levy has left the Yisrael Beitenu Party. She explains that her former party did not bring up enough social demands in return for joining the government. There are those who claim she left because she was not appointed a minister. Why do you Orly Levy really resigned?

37.1% Wasn’t appointed a minister, 28.1% Yisrael Beitenu didn’t have enough social issue demands, 25% Don’t know, 9.8% Both reasons equally

How much do you trust or not trust law enforcement to check in a professional manner the conduct of the Netanyahu household?

27.1% Trust, 25.5% Don’t trust, 21.4% Don’t trust at all, 17.4% Trust very much, 8.5% Don’t know

There are those that claim that the desire to overthrow Netanyahu is the main factor behind the constant activity surrounding the Netanyahu household. Other claim the activity surrounding the Netanyahu household is a result of un fair treatment by the Netanyahu family. Which claim do you agree with more?

56.5% Neatanyahu family conduct, 30.8% Desire to overthrow Netanyahu, 12.8% Don’t know