Panels conducted a poll of 515 voters with a 4.3% margin of error for Maariv and the Jerusalem Post that was published on May 19 2016.

Do you support or oppose the appointment of Avigdor Liberman as Defense Minister?

48% Oppose, 37% Support, 15% No opinion

Do you agree with the argument that transferring Moshe Yaalon from the Defense Ministry to another position is an action of “firing” him as a result of the confrontation with Netanyahu over the last few weeks?

64% Yes, 21% No, 15% Don’t know

Do you think that Moshe Yaalon should resign from the Likud after his transfer from the Defense Ministry to another position?

General Public: 38% Yes, 37% No

Likud voters: 51% No, 26% Yes, 23% Don’t know

Meretz voters: 67% Yes

Yesh Atid voters: 55% Yes

Zionist Union voters: 55% Yes

Do you think because of the failed attempt to join the government that Herzog should resign from the leadership of the Labor Party?

General Public: 46% Yes, 33% No, 21% Don’t know

Zionist Union voters: 48% Yes, 39% No, 13% Don’t know

If there was a Labor Leadership Election today – who would you vote for?

Zionist Union voters: 36% Yacimovich, 35% Undecided, 24% Herzog, 4% Margalit, 1% Peretz