Panels conducted a poll for Knesset Channel that was broadcast March 21 2016.

What grade do you give Kahlon for his conduct as Finance Minister?

50% Average, 27% Good, 15% Bad, 6% Very Good

What is Kahlon’s main problem?

37% High housing prices, 20% Not trustworthy, 17% Food items too expensive, 17% He does not get enough support from the Prime Minister, 4% He has no main problem

Why is Moshe Kahlon’s party dropping in the polls?

51% Disappointment as Finance Minister, 23% Weak Knesset list, 15% He needs to  rejoin the Likud, 11% Don’t Know

Center-Right Voters: If there a new Center-Right Party would be created, who should lead it?

32% Don’t Know, 23% Bennett, 18% Lapid, 12% Liberman, 7% Kahlon

Note #1: 32% of Center voters answered Lapid

Will you consider voting for Kulanu in the next election?

13% Yes, 87% No

Kahlon voters: 56% No, 44% Yes

Question for voters who won’t vote Kulanu again: How much did Minister Kahlon’s flip-flop on the Natural Gas Deal influence your decision to not vote for him?

59% No influence, 35% Influenced, 6% Don’t Know