Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on Jan 11 2016.

What grade do you give Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid?

30% Average, 27% Bad, 26% Good, 10% Very Good, 7% Don’t know

Does the fact that Lapid has recruited himself to be Israel’s public diplomacy agent overseas added to his value?

52% Yes, 39% No, 9% Don’t Know

How does Lapid’s decision to get closer to the Haredim (ultra-orthodox) change the chances you will vote for him?

51% No change, 36% Lower chance I vote for him, 10% Higher chance I vote for him, 3% Don’t know

If the elections were conducted today – would you consider voting for Yesh Atid led by Lapid?

61% No, 25% Yes, 14% Don’t Know

Of the following leaders, which one is most suited to serve as Prime Minister?

24% Benjamin Netanyahu, 16% Yair Lapid, 11% Naftali Bennett, 10% Issac Herzog, 7% Avigdor Liberman, 4% Moshe Kahlon, 7% Don’t Know, 21% None of the Above