Panels conducted a poll that was published by Maariv on October 16th 2015.

Jewish Israeli Questions:

How pleased are you with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conduct of dealing with the current terror wave?

67% Not pleased, 28% Pleased, 5% Don’t know

How pleased are you with the Government’s conduct of dealing with the current terror wave?

63% Not pleased, 28% Pleased, 9% Don’t know

How has your political opinion changed following the terror wave?

64% No change, 30% Moved more to the right, 3% Moved more to the left

Who is the most suited to deal with the security situation?

21% Liberman, 17% Netanyahu, 12% Bennett, 12% Ashkenazi, 9% Yaalon, 4% Herzog

Do you believe Palestinian narrative that Israel wants to change Status Quo on Temple Mount?

70% No, 12% Yes

Who is responsible for current terror wave?

47% Only the Arabs, 37% Mostly the Arabs, 9% Mostly the Jews, 2% Only the Jews

Are all Arabs supporting the current terror wave?

37% Some Arabs support terror, 33% Majority of Arabs support terror, 19% Only some Arabs support terror & majority oppose terror, 8% All Arabs support terror, 0% All Arabs reject terror

Do you support separating the Jewish neighborhoods and the Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem?

66% Support, 24% Oppose, 10% Don’t know

Do you support an economic boycott on Israeli Arabs because of the latest terror wave?

61% Support, 29% Oppose, 10% Don’t know

Do you support the idea of a voluntary transfer of Palestinians from Judea and Samaria as proposed by the former assassinated Tourism Minister Rechavam Zeevi?

58% Support, 26% Oppose

Do you support the government prohibiting all Jews from going up to the Temple Mount?

57% Support, 31% Oppose

Do you support family members of terrorists receiving punishments?

88% Yes

Israeli Arab Questions:

If you could choose, which type of state would you like to live in?

48% In Israel w/67 borders & an independent Palestinian state next door, 19% Not interested in answering, 14% One state for two peoples between the Jordan River & Mediterranean Sea, 11% Israel as it is today, 8% In a country that is part of a larger Islamic Caliphate

Who is to blame for current terror wave?

44% Mostly Jews, 30% Only Jews, 9% Mostly Arabs, 3% Only Arabs

Is the Al-Aksa in danger, does Israel want to change status quo on Temple Mount?

52% No, 26% Yes

Do ‘The Joint (Arab) List’ MKs represent Israeli Arabs?

41% No, 40% Yes

Did you favor Joint List’s Odeh or Nazareth Mayor Salam in TV debate?

49% Odeh, 23% Salam

Do you feel you can walk in a Jewish city or neighborhood safely?

65% No, 26% Yes

What is most important next step?

31% Defend Al-Aksa, 29% Establish Palestinian State, 28% Keep good relations between Jews & Arabs