Panels conducted a poll of 500 people with a 4.3% margin of error that was broadcast by Knesset Channel on October 15th 2015.

Are you satisfied with the conduct of the following figures?

Opposition Leader Herzog: 70% Not Satisfied, 16% Satisfied,
Prime Minister Netanyahu: 66% Not Satisfied, 30% Satisfied,
Defense Minister Yaalon: 53% Not Satisfied, 40% Satisfied,

To what extent did the Jewish MKs visits to the Temple Mount influence the current security situation?

31% To some extent, 30% To a great extent, 18% Not at all, 17% To a small extent

Do you favor the Zionist Union entering the government?

All voters: 44% No, 35% Yes
Zionist Union voters: 45% No, 44% Yes

Do you think a center-left government would have done a better job dealing with the current situation?

68% No, 23% Yes

Do you think that the The Joint (Arab) List correctly reflects the Israeli Arab population?

81% No, 11% Yes

Of the following figures who would you like to see in charge of Defense issues?

25% None, 20% Liberman, 17% Netanyahu, 14% Yaalon, 7% Lapid, 4% Herzog, 2% Livni

What is the main issue the Knesset should deal with in the coming Winter Session?

62% Security issues, 13% Social issues, 11% Economic issues, 10% Diplomatic issues

In addition to the operational solutions, should there be a diplomatic process?

65% Yes, 29% No