Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by Knesset Channel on Dec 4 2014. It was conducted on Dec 3-4.

Who is at responsible for the collapse of the government?

53% Netanyahu, 36% Lapid, 5% Livni, 2% Haredim, 0% Bennett

Who is most fit to be Israel’s Prime Minister?

28% Prime Minister Netanyahu, 16% Opposition Leader Herzog, 9% Economy Minister Bennett, 8% Finance Minister Lapid, 7% Justice Minister Livni, 6% Former Minister Kachlon, 3% Foreign Minister Liberman, 17% None of them.

What should be the center issue of the next government?

49% Cost of living, 21% Security issues, 14% Diplomatic negotiations, 6% Economic issues, 5% Housing prices, 3% Iranian threat

  • Seats were not asked