This is the poll that many KnessetJeremy readers have been waiting for – extensive internal Shas polling.

Panels conducted a poll for Knesset Channel that was broadcast on Oct 6 2014.

Who is more suitable to lead Shas in next elections?

Shas voters: 39% Don’t know, 38% Yishai, 23% Deri

General public: 52% Don’t know, 33% Yishai, 15% Deri

Who represents the direction of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef?

Shas voters: 37% Don’t know, 26% Yishai, 27% Deri

Do you believe Deri’s statements that he wants Yishai in the leadership of Shas?

Shas voters: 44% No, 28% Don’t know, 28% Yes

General public: 63% No, 24% Don’t know, 13% Yes

Is there a place for Shas as a party following Rav Ovadia Yosef’s death?

General public: 43% No, 36% Yes, 21% Don’t know

From a diplomatic perspective where should Shas be on the political map?

Shas voters: 65% Right, 35% Left

What should be the main focus of Shas?

55% Poverty, 18% Yeshiva Students Draft, 15% Fighting Sephardi discrimination, 5% Diplomatic issues

Should Eli Yishai leave Shas and form a new party?

Shas voters: 89% No, 8% Don’t know, 3% Yes

Seats: Shas with Yishai as leader – 9 seats, Shas with Deri as leader – 7 seats.

With Yishai Shas is bigger than UTJ, with Deri Shas is smaller than UTJ.