Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on September 12 2016.


Of the following people which candidate is the most suited to be Prime Minister in your eyes?

30% Netanyahu, 25% None, 24% Lapid, 7% Bennett, 6% Don’t know, 5% Herzog, 3% Liberman

Do you think that Yair Lapid is brining something new into politics or is voting for him just a protest vote to replace Netanyahu?

62% Protest vote to replace Netanyahu, 25% Bringing something new in politics, 13% Don’t know

Where would you place Yair Lapid on the political map?

45% Center, 29% Center-Left, 13% Left, 7% Don’t know, 6% Right

Does the fact that Lapid isn’t expressing himself lately on subjects of deep disagreement help him or hurt him?

43% Help, 36% Don’t know, 21% Hurt

Is Lapid’s recent decision to try and get closer to the religious and Haredi populations authentic or is a façade?

61% Façade, 23% Don’t know, 16% Authentic

If there was an election right now for Knesset would you vote for Yesh Atid led by Yair Lapid?

43% Won’t for sure, 18% Probably will, 17% Probably won’t, 11% For sure, 11% Don’t know

If Gaby Ashkenazi joins Yesh Atid would that cause you to vote for the party?

74% Probably not, 20% Don’t know, 6% Yes