Panels conducted a poll that was broadcast by the Knesset Channel on July 4 2016

What grade do you give Naftali Bennett?

43% Good, 27% Average, 17% Bad, 13% Don’t know

Is Minister Bennett correct in his demands on the subject of the security cabinet?

49% Yes, 31% Don’t know, 20% No

Note: 58% of right wing voters answered yes.

Considering the conduct of Ministers Bennett and Shaked – would you consider voting for them in the next elections?

59% No, 23% Don’t know, 18% Yes

Question for right wing voters: Should Minister Bennett leave the government if his demands are not met?

57% No, 27% Don’t know, 16% Yes

Question for right wing voters: What subject should Naftali Bennett focus on?

47% Education, 36% Security, 9% Settlements, 8% Don’t know

Question for right wing voters: Which of the following ministers best represents your views?

30% Bennett, 28% Netanyahu, 28% None, 10% Liberman, 4% Kahlon

Question for right wing voters: Of the following Bayit Yehudi MKs which represents your views the most?

37% None, 24% Bennett, 14% Shaked, 14% Smotrich, 5% Muaalam, 2% Ariel, 2% Yogev, 1% Slomiansky, 1% Ben-Dahan