Panels conducted a poll for the Knesset Channel that was broadcast on June 23 2016.

How should the police treat material and suspicions against MKs?

71% Like any other citizen, 24% More carefully, 5% Don’t know

Should the police publicize the names of MKs that have material gathered against them?

61% No, 29% Yes, 10% Don’t know

Is the fact that the police gathered material against pubic figures a problem?

65% No, 26% Yes, 9% Don’t know

Those who answered yes: What is the problem?

25% Possibility of blackmailing MKs, 23% The police leaks information, 4% That isn’t the police’s job

Do you support the Government decision to transfer around 80 million shekel to Judea and Samaria?

47% Oppose, 35% Support, 18% Don’t know

Do you think the Government should transfer a similar sum to the periphery?

79% Yes, 12% Don’t know, 9% No

How would you define the treatment of the government towards funding Judea and Samaria residents?

47% Discrimination in favor of Judea and Samaria residents, 28% No difference, 16% Don’t know, 9% Discrimination against Judea and Samaria residents,

Is there an unfair share of justice in Israel?

75% No, 14% Yes, 11% Don’t know

What should be the main work of MKs?

30% Proposing laws, 27% Supervising government, 20% Participating in committee discussions, 11% Participate in plenum votes

Is there a need to add additional Knesset Committees?

57% No, 25% Don’t know, 18% Yes

Should the Knesset add an additional day of Knesset work to their week?

70% Yes, 19% No, 11% Don’t know